Which film is right for me?

At Sun King, we have more than 30 years of experience installing window films. We’d be happy to discuss your tinting project to help you decide which film is right for you, whether you’re interested in sun protection, security or decorative film for your home, business, car or yacht. Call us at (561) 844-6421 to get started!

Does window film require maintenance?

Once window film is installed, it’s really not a lot of work to take care of. After window film is installed on your home or business, wait 30 days before washing your windows. After that, you can use synthetic sponges, squeegees or soft cloths to wash your windows. Any common cleaning solution, including ammonia-based products, can be used on your windows. Be sure not to use brushes or anything that could scratch the product. Also, don’t apply tape or any other adhesives to the film as it could void the warranty.

After you’ve had automotive film installed, avoid rolling down the windows until the film is completely dry. This takes about 48 hours. When it comes to cleaning, follow the instructions outlined above.

Does window film come with a warranty?

This depends on the type of film you purchase and whether you’re a residential or commercial client.

In most cases, residential and automotive window film comes with a lifetime, non-transferable warranty. As long as you own your home or your car, we’ll guarantee your film. Exceptions apply.

Contact us at (561) 844-6421 for further details.

What sets 3M films apart from the competition?

3M invented window film more than 50 years ago and it’s still the industry leader today. 3M films offer exceptional performance and unbeatable warranties. As a 3M Prestige Dealer, Sun King is able to offer 3M’s full line of films. We have a film for every project!

How long does window film last?

3M film can last as long as 20 years and it’s always backed by a warranty.

Why choose Sun King?

We have more than 95 years of combined tinting experience. Since 1978, we’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers. We’re also proud to offer 3M products, which are the best in the business.

Will window film change the appearance of my windows?

We offer both tinted and clear window films for both buildings and automobiles. If you like the aesthetics of darker tints, we’ve got a film for that. If your homeowners or condo association won’t let you change the look of your windows, however, we can still provide a film to meet your needs!

Can you apply film to oddly shaped windows?

We have the skills and experience to complete any installation. We often apply film to skylights, accent windows and other oddly shaped glass.